Chandra Valeris

Swashbuckling diplomat with mommy issues


Chandra is is a 19 year old Zeltron female. Like all members of her race, she is notably good looking, with red skin, blue lips, violet eyes and short blue hair. She wears a traditional padawan braid behind her right ear.

“I am pretty certain that I can get them to agree.
- And if not, there’s only ten of them…!"


Chandra is the daughter of Jedi Master and Council Member Sheela Valeris. The circumstances of Chandra’s conception are covered under a cloak of silence, but according to the few surviving rumours, it must have caused quite a stir at the temple. It is a testament to her mother’s talent and determination that since then Sheela nevertheless managed to rise to the rank of Jedi Master and earn a seat on the Council, despite her tarnished past.

Chandra is flamboyant with a penchant for heroic stories. She does not do things by halves: She usually puts all her energy and enthusiasm into whatever she is doing.
At some point she had a phase of hero worship for Master Mace Windu, which inspired her to obtain a purple lightsaber crystal when it was time for her to craft her own weapon. (Plus, it goes so well with her eyes!)
She makes friends easily and gets along well with most people. Because she is genuinely friendly and does not exploit other people’s generosity, few of her peers would refuse her a favour when asked.
However, her relationship with her mother is… complicated.

Her master is Garrik Arkada, a pragmatic human Jedi with a dry sense of humour.

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Chandra Valeris

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