Force Powers

Savage Worlds Arcane Backgrounds

  • Force Training (Sense) (gain 2 Sense powers)
  • Force Training (Control) (gain 2 Control powers)
  • Force Training (Alter) (gain 2 Alter Powers)
  • Additional Power (gain an additional power!)
Skills (all based on Spirit)
  • Sense
  • Control (may not exceed Sense)
  • Alter (may not exceed Control)

It is an action to invoke a Force Power. Some may be maintained.

Some Powers are hybrids of the schools. To invoke them – the lowest of the constituent force skills is used.

  • Force sense (Heightened Senses, Sense Life)
  • Danger Sense (requires Force Sense) – As the Edge
  • Psychometry (requires Force Sense)
  • Force sight (requires Force Sense) (far vision, Future Visions, Blindsight)
  • Receptive Telepathy (Comprehend Speech, Read Mind)
  • Art of Movement (Increased strength, Agility) – Add half control die to Athletics or active dodging
  • Meditation – (Breath control, detoxify poison, Control Pain)
  • Force healing – Add half control die to healing checks
  • Force speed – Ignore 2 points of multi-action penalty, increase RoF of melee attacks by 1, And move quickly as (Speed)
  • Force Stealth (conceal force sensitivity, etc.)
  • Hibernation trance – Look dead for about a week without food/water.
  • Projected Telepathy (Speak in other’s mind)
  • Absorb/Dissipate Energy – Add half Control die to Soak energy damage (reactive)
  • Affect Mind (Mind Trick) – Alter vs Spirit – to perform suggestions (Puppet)
  • Telekinetic Shield – Add half Alter die to target number to hit (Deflection)
  • Telekinesis – (As the Edge – includes Saber throw, Lifting X-Wings and chucking stuff around)
  • Fear – Alter vs Spirit – (Alter/2 targets) (Fear)
  • Force Cloak (invisibility stealth!) – Add half Alter die to stealth check – Doesn’t require cover to invoke or maintain
  • Ionize (Disable droid) – Ranged Attack to do 3dAlter to an electronic system
  • Stun – Alter vs Vigor – (Alter/2 targets) (Stun)
  • Harm (Force Choke etc.) – Alter vs Vigor – 2dAlter to an organic target ignoring armour., sustainable.
  • Force lightning (Organic limbs & extremities required) (Bolt)
  • Chain Lightning – requires Force Lightning (Burst)
  • Force Storm – requires Chain Lightning(Blast)
Hybrid Powers (activated by the worst die of the two)
  • Lightsaber Combat (CS)
    - Add half Sense die to hit
    - Add/Subtract half Control die to damage
    - Add half Sense die to Parry
  • Starship Combat (CS)
    - Add half Sense die to sensors/gunnery
    - Add half Control die to Piloting

Force Powers

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