Skill Changes

Skill list

Fighting Ag Hitting things with bare hands or stuff
Gunnery Ag Using mounted weaponry
Larceny Ag Sleight of hand, pickpocketing, Lockpicking
Piloting Ag Flying stuff
Repulsor Ops Ag Driving Stuff (speeders, podracers, swoop bikes)
Riding Ag Riding (Tauntaun, Dewback, Bantha)
Shooting Ag Shooting things with hand-held weapons
Stealth Ag Sneaking about
Healing Sm Making people better
Investigation Sm Finding information by looking through papers or computer systems
Knowledge Sm Specific knowledges(describe each)
Notice Sm Noticing things
Repair Sm Maintaining/modifying tech stuff
Slicing Sm Computer hacking
Streetwise Sm Finding information by talking to people
Survival Sm Tracking and wilderness things
Taunt Sm Look, it’s behind you!’
(Force) Alter Sp Skill for operating force powers.
(Force) Control Sp Skill for operating force powers.
(Force) Sense Sp Skill for operating force powers.
Intimidation Sp Do what I say, or I’ll hurt you
Persuasion Sp Do what I say because you think it’s a good idea!
Perform Sp or Ag Dance, Sing etc
Athletics Str Climb, swim, run, jump

New Skills!

  • Athletics Skill replaces Swimming, Climbing and Throwing
  • Larceny Skill replaces Lockpicking and Gambling and is used for Sleight of Hand/Pickpocketing
  • Repulsor Operations replaces Driving and Boating – used for podracing, swoop bikes, landspeeders etc.
  • Slicing is a new skill for computer hacking and electronic lockpicking (Investigation is still used to gather data from systems).
  • Gunnery is a new skill to operate heavy weapons (usually) mounted on vehicles.
  • Knowledge (Alien Races/Cultures) is especially useful in Star Wars

Removed Skills

  • Tracking Skill is handled by Survival or Streetwise depending on environment
  • Gambling, Swimming, Climbing, Throwing are all replaced or subsumed.

Skill Changes

  • If you want to gain a skill after character creation, you can. It doesn’t cost the double-pip the base rules suggest.
  • Repair is the closest thing to a catch-all for Tech stuff.
  • Fighting skill is used for Lightsabers – but they’re awkward if untrained (-2)
  • Investigation is used to analyse sensor data
  • Shield Operation is a Smarts-based common knowledge for pilots
  • Gambling is a Smarts-based common knowledge for soldiers, nobles, scum etc.
  • Larceny would be used to cheat at Gambling games.

Skill Changes

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